wallbox smart charger with safety features to protect your ev charger from unwanted use.

How can I protect my EV charger and cable from theft?

We have put together a handy guide with precautions and actions you can take to protect your EV charger from theft, alongside the chargers’ own in-built safety features to put your mind at ease.

Electric cars (EV’s) are becoming increasingly popular and so has the prevalence of thieves targeting EV charging cables from public and home charging points to sell the copper content or the charging cable itself.

If you are considering purchasing an EV home charger for speed and convenience but are hesitant due to safety concerns; then worry not.

Read on to discover some helpful tips and precautions you can take to protect your charger from theft.

Ways to protect your EV charger from theft, when charging in public:

  •  Avoid leaving your car unattended at public charging points. The likelihood of it being stolen is higher at public charging stations.  It is also possible to be a victim of theft when leaving the boot unattended or the charging cable in full view of prying eyes on the back seat of the car.
  • Installing a padlock is a quick and inexpensive solution. Lock your cable to your vehicle if you have to leave it unattended while it charges. Many EVs have a dedicated loop so you can secure your charging cable to your car using a small padlock.
  • Install a Dashcam. Dashcams have advances that start recording when motion is detected, so this could be a secure and sensible device that protects you when driving and offers a deterrent when your car is parked up charging.

Charging your electric car at home is a great way to reduce the risk of your EV cable being stolen. Protect your charger and charging cable by following these next few suggestions.

When charging at home:

  • Purchase one of our smart chargers. The Wallbox has remote locking and unlocking functionality to block unwanted use through a smart app. See more of this impressive charger’s safety features to protect from theft here.
  • Choose a ‘tethered’ EV home charger. Home EV chargers come in two varieties: tethered and untethered. A device with a charging cord permanently attached to it is referred to as a tethered charger. This will mean a thief will not be able to remove the charging cable from your charging unit. Shop our range of tethered home chargers like the Zappi here.
  • Charge your car in the garage. Some of our customers opt to have their charger installed in the garage where they keep their vehicle overnight. This gives you additional security as your vehicle is out of sight and you can keep your garage locked when charging your car.
  • Install CCTV cameras. Feel safer in your home and protect your possessions by installing CCTV which adds an additional layer of defence and deters criminals and thieves from your property. In support, CCTV footage can help identify offenders and can support insurance claims should a theft or attempted theft occur.

There is some advice out there that you can park on your cable making it impossible to steal if other preventions are not available to you. However, it is not advisable to do this as you could seriously damage your cable.

To conclude, taking these necessary precautions will improve the safety and security of your EV charging experience.

For extra peace of mind, we would advise that your best form of protection would be to invest in a specialised home EV smart charger that offers you in-built safety features that will protect you from theft.

This way, you can enjoy the convenience and speed of a home EV charging point and utilise off-peak charging rates saving you time and money aswell.

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