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We have specially selected a range of home chargers, all of which are safe, practical and stylish – with a number of colour options available to choose from.

All of the costs shown below include standard installation from our team of qualified electrical engineers so you know upfront what you can expect to pay with no hidden costs.  

Home charger benefits

There are a number of benefits to having a home charger installed rather than relying on public charging stations.

Ev Electric Car Charge - Powering the future of motoringManage costs

If you have a smart electricity meter, you can keep an eye on your usage to allow you to budget accordingly. Plus with off peak charging overnight you can save money & time ready for your journey in the morning…simply unplug & off you go. 

Ev Charge - Powering the future of motoringSafety

All of our charging points are weatherproof which means that your charger can be installed either outside of your home or in your garage. So come wind, rain or snow your charger will still perform safely.

Ev Charge - Powering the future of motoringConvenience

No need to queue or move your car after a specific time.  You can simply plug in and carry on with your personal time in the knowledge that your car is charging effectively.  Top your battery up at any time from the comfort of your own home. 

Choose your charger

Once you have decided on an electric vehicle the next step is to select the charger which is right for you,  your car and your charging requirements. 

View our range of chargers below, all of which include standard installation or take a look at our charger overview page to help with your decision. 

Project EV

EV Electric Car Chargers - Project EV
Project EV from £880

Compact & attractive design, compatible with every electric vehicle on the market.


EV Electric Car Chargers - Wallbox
Wallbox from £950

A powerful smart charger at an incredibly small and minimalist size and design.


easee ev charger
Easee from £990

A secure, compact yet powerful charger, giving you more power and smarter control.

Pod point

pod point ev charger
Pod Point from £1030

Fast, safe and smart charge your electric vehicle in harmony with your home.


EV Electric Car Chargers - Zappi
Zappi from £1108

Neat & compact, with optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy.


Andersen EV Car Charger
Andersen A2 from £1650

High quality materials and finish add a touch of luxury to your charging solution.

Tips and Information

  • Small all electric cars are the most efficient vehicles as they have less weight to transport and therefore use less energy whilst driving, reducing the amount of charge required. 
  • Top up your battery when needed, but for most cost efficient charging leave it to charge overnight ready for the following day
  • Cold weather means it can take longer for your vehicle to charge, so we suggest topping up your charge regularly during the colder months to help the system stay warm which ultimately costs less to charge each time. 

The majority of our installations are standard installations, with no additional factors to consider, so the cost you see on our chargers will be the cost you pay (excluding any extras you may wish to add to your charger such as specification upgrades).

Our Easy Estimator tool helps to give you an estimate of the overall cost based on your personal requirements.  The Easy Estimator takes into account a number of different factors which can impact your overall installation cost, such as the OLEV grant and the main factor in your installation; where your main electricity supply is located.

The distance of your main electricity supply to the potential location of your new charge point will determine if any additional work is required.

In some installations we may be required to fit an underground cable.  The installation cost of an underground cable can vary depending on the complexity of the work required by our specialised installation team.  This will all be covered as part of your quotation and in some cases a technical survey may be required so we can give you an accurate cost.  However, our team are on hand to discuss this with you and make sure you have the most cost efficient solution in place.

If you have any queries regarding installation please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Our aim is to make the installation of your new charging point as quick and seamless as possible and we follow a simple process:

  1. We will ask you to complete a quick and easy survey to determine if your installation is a standard installation or whether additional work may be required.
  2. Technical survey – In some cases a technical survey may be required, this will be completed prior to your quotation being received to determine if any additional work is required, such as underground cables.
  3. Upon receipt of your survey information our team will send you a quotation based on your specific charging solution
  4. If you would like to proceed our team will submit a DNO* application on your behalf
  5. Installation date at a time and date convenient for you
  6. Charging point installed & a demonstration of how to use the charger & set up app (where applicable)
  7. Plug in & drive – Happy motoring

*DNO: If you are planning to install an energy device in your home or small business, you are required to register your energy device with your Distribution Network Operator ( DNO ), this will be completed and submitted on your behalf by our team.

The OZEV grant is a financial support aid from the government to encourage the use of electric vehicles. It’s available to people that meet certain requirements, such as having off-road parking. Find out more about the OZEV grant with Charge.

If you want to claim the OZEV grant, we will handle the paperwork and make the process simple!

Home charging points are designed so you can park up after work and plug your car into the charger. It will depend on your car and charging point as to the precise mechanism, but it involves using the charging cable and connecting it to the charge point and to your car.

An installation from CHARGE will conclude with a demonstration on how to use the charging point before we leave, so you can be confident charging your car.

Yes, we are experts in home charging points and help you to get a charger installed in your home, no matter what your unique requirements are. We always conduct a site survey as part of the quote process so will quickly establish if you have any non-standard installation requirements. This means that your quote will reflect the real work required and you won’t have any surprise costs.

Yes, as well as home EV chargers we also install electric car charging points for business. You can find out more by visiting our workplace page or contact our team for more information.

Need help finding the right charger? Contact our team